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Save time and money by automatizing mundane tasks
Manage your whole organization from a single CMS

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Why RapDv?

Simple app structure

Define the app's basic info, pages, storage and you are ready to launch it!

Easily define app storage

A simple way to define app storage structure

User roles

Specify custom user roles and restrictions

SEO friendly

Server-side generated content. Get more clients organically!

Flash messages

Flash messages out of the box

Email support

Email support for paying users

Fast loading times

All links and forms use AJAX by default

Self-hosted solution

You really own your data and the app. We can't shut you down unlike other providers.

Create anything you want!

Suitable for SaaS companies, internal tools, web apps, admin panels, workflows, CMS systems, e-commerce sites, and many more!

Needs only one SVG icon

Automatically generate icons from a single SVG file

Fully customizable

Ability to customize every aspect of the app if you need to

Easy to maintain

Simple, repeatable system for the creation of web apps for any purposes

Optimized for search engines

Autogenerated sitemap and robots.txt

Responsive design

Works on all screen sizes from the get-go

One dependency is all you need

Only RapDv dependency is needed to create the whole web app

Quickly set basic app info

Define your app name and theme color in a single place

Set of ready-made components

Layout, navigation, lists, forms, buttons, etc.

Reloads changes automatically

Automatically reloads on front and back-end code changes

Clear overview of a whole app

List of pages and endpoints in a single place

Data validation

Front-end and server-side form validation

Uses popular technologies underneath

Node.js, Express.js, Bootstrap, MongoDB and React on the server-side

Do you need help?

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